Wednesday, May 26, 2010

As terrible as the truth was, there was something restful about it. ~ Week 23

Ahh yes, another Young Adult book that fulfills the "requirements" I have for a highly entertaining read. Here's the formula:
Strong female character + Attractive bad boy + supernatural "stuff" = happy Dana

The Dark Divine
has all of these aspects and then some. From the first page I was hooked. We're introduced to Grace Divine, your typical good girl - daughter of a pastor, conservative, excellent student. We're told that a few years back, there was some type of mysterious "incident" between Grace's brother, Jude, and his best friend, Daniel. No details are given... all we know is that Jude returned home covered in blood and really pissed off at Daniel. Daniel disappears for a few years without a trace. Grace is never given an explanation as to what happened and every time Daniel's name comes up the family falls into an uncomfortable silence.

Well, Daniel returns one day and shows up in Grace's art class. Oh, I forgot one aspect of my "formula" - the bad boy is usually artistic and hot. He won't talk about what's happened and Grace reaches out to him to try and figure out what the deal is. In the midst of all this, an undeniable attraction begins to grow between Grace and Daniel. Big problem: Jude loathes Daniel and doesn't seem to want to explain why. There's also something off about Daniel that Grace can't seem to put her finger on...

The good:
Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. Another book crush. He's tormented, artistic, and basically awesome. Despain's story is a page-turner. It wasn't really what I expected and I enjoyed the twists and turns.

The bad:

The verdict:
If you like: Twilight, Shiver, Graceling, Fallen, Evermore... etc etc etc. You will like this book. I read it in a day. Pick it up, lay back on the beach, and let yourself be immersed in a good story.

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